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Our Vendors

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(written by Mary Lou Shaw

EAT LOCAL columnist  dated: 2012)


The Fayette County Farmers Market, published 2012

BYE Gardens: Brian & Elaine Yoder

Alpaca Kingdom Acres: Hank & Mollie White and children

Harding’s Naturally Homegrown Produce: Gigi Kidwell, LeAnna, Christina, Rachel

Your Other Mother’s Kitchen: Don & Sara Creamer

Jam Man, Pie Lady: Wilmington News Journal

Jam Man, Pie Lady: David Persinger & Julie Mosny

L&L Natural Products by Julie: Julie Carter

DeBruin Family Daily: Dallas and Grant DeBruin

Rachel’s Flour Shoppe: Rachel McClish

As of July 10, 2016 the following vendors have registered for the FAYETTE COUNTY FARMERS MARKET:          DAY** denotes our part-time (daily vendors)     (vendors and vendor participation subject to change)

JONES FARM FRESH PRODUCE,  Jon, Taylor Jones:  seasonal produce including strawberries and sweetcorn, eggs, pasture raised chickens

RACHEL’S FLOUR SHOPPE, Rachel McClish: assorted fruit pies, sheet cakes and other assorted baked goods, vegetable plants and potted mums

GREENS and GREENERY, Katrina Bush:  potted vegetable, herbs, & flowering plants, seasonal produce, assorted baked products (health & well being focused), cut flowers

KING FARMS, Jeff and Sandi King:  assorted seasonal produce and various baked goods

A.I.M. SPECIALTY, Richard Miller: homemade sour dough donuts (made fresh at the market!) They are at market every other week & on special occasions……check Facebook for weekly status

SLATECREEK FARMS,   Christen Orebaugh:  seasonal produce, plants, cottage food items

PERSINGER PRODUCE AND COTTAGE FOODS,  David Persinger & Julie P. Mosny:  some seasonal produce, berries, jams and jellies, local honey, cinnamon rolls, fruit pies, cakes, fruit crisps, quick breads, assorted sheet cakes and pecan sticky buns

BRIDGEVIEW FARM,  Hunter Rohrer:  seasonal produce

HARDING’S NATURALLY HOMEGROWN PRODUCE,  Gigi Kidwell, LeAnna Kidwell:  seasonal produce, eggs, fresh frozen pork cuts, honey, & herbs

BYE GARDENS,  Brian, Elaine Yoder:   seasonal produce, cinnamon rolls, and other baked goods    

YOUR OTHER MOTHER’S KITCHEN,  Don, Sara Creamer:   seasonal asparagus, artisan breads, bran muffin tops, whole wheat brownie tarts, scones

DJ’s FARM,  Dennis Anschutz:  seasonal produce, baked goods (zucchini, pumpkin bread)

CORY FARMS,  Stephen Cory:  seasonal produce including strawberries and sweetcorn

DALE’S CRAFTS,  Dale L. Butler:  assorted wood crafts including yard items and misc. indoor and outdoor furniture and cornhole game boards and bags

ALPACA KINGDOM ACRES,  Hank White:  alpaca yarn and roving, alpaca garments and gifts

DEBRUIN FAMILY DAIRY,  Toni & Grant DeBruin:  organically grown leaf lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, red raspberries and blackberries, assorted crafts

CHILCOTE FARMS,  Bruce and Marlene Chilcote:  local raw honey, home pressed raw cider, assorted quick breads and small cakes

GERHARDT’S,  Kevin Gerhardt:  watermelon, sweet corn, cantaloupe, and blackberries

MARY’S THIS ‘n THAT,  Mary Ford:  quick breads, catnip toys and mats, and many other hand-crafted/painted gift items

L&L  NATURAL  PRODUCTS, Julie Carter:  alpaca fleece dryer balls, home produced laundry detergent, soaps, scrubs, lip balms and lotions, make-up remover, body moisturizer, face toner and bug repellent spray DAY**

JIM DANDY’S, Jim Brigner:  handmade woodcrafts both useful and decorative, often from repurposed wood

GARLAND FARMS, Joe Garland:  sweet corn DAY**

RATLIFF’S PRODUCE, Chessie Ratliff & Carrie Zoodsma:  seasonal produce DAY**

BY THY HAND,  Mark & Lori Chrisman:  assorted baked goods including breads, muffins, cupcakes, angel food cakes, and crates made from recycled pallet wood

ENGETI, Beth Day & Alana Walters: Free Trade fresh roasted coffee beans, cinnamon rolls, cakes, brownies, pies, & cookies (& flavored crushed ice cups!). Serving cold beverages.

WHAT NOTS & FANCIES & WHIMS,  Mary Sanderson: garden art (totems & stakes), centerpiece displays, and hand-painted tile art (coasters, magnets, wall art, & pendants)

FORGOTTEN WAY FARM, Cathy Ludi:  THERAPEUTIC essential oils by DoTERRA, homemade lye soaps, bath salts, lip balm, laundry soap, and assorted themed wooden signs

WHITE OAK FARM, Luann Jackson:  sweet corn & other seasonal produce, jams/jellies, herbal products, garden totes

GLUTEN FREE GOODIES, Rachael Craig:  gluten free baked goods including sheet cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies and quick breads.  Also homemade lotions, lip balm and body creams

THE MARTIN’S BAKED GOODS, Vaughn, Cinda Martin:  some seasonal produce, cut flowers, assorted breads & dinner rolls, whoopie pies, sticky buns, angel food cakes

TUPPERWARE by LEAH, Leah Thomas: assorted Tupperware items on display and catalog sales

THE SILVER MAPLE FARM, Sharon Steinhoff:  Certified Naturally Grown seasonal produce, chicken & duck eggs, honey & herbs, handspun yard, herbal teas, and homemade soaps

WHITE WIND HEARTH,  Winter Blevins:  dog treats, cat treats/toys and bird treats DAY**

MORGAN GARDENS, Linda Morgan:  annuals and perennials  DAY**

WINDFLOWER FARM,  Elaine Anschutz:  baked goods, seasoning & dip mixes, cheesecake mix, bread mix, soup mix, and handcrafted items (actively represents the Fayette County Dog Shelter)

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